About Us

We want to make it easier for you to find the right ski and snowboard equipment. Simple as that.



By popular demand I will start aggregating gear reviews from top sites on NoseButtr.com. NoseButtr users won't be able to add their own reviews just yet, but this feature is also in the works.

More products and tracked prices

What's a gear database without more gear data? Nosebuttr.com currently index's over 350 skis and snowboards, and tracks prices on 5 major retailers. I hope to double these numbers in 2021.

Price tracker

Another feature I have in the works is the NoseButtr.com price tracker. The price tracker will enable users to receive text or email alerts when skis or snowboards they are tracking go on sale.

The Team

Jaen - Web development

Daily Driver:

Deck: DWD Wizard StickBindings: Rome ViceBoots: ThirtyTwo Light


Deck: Arbor Coda SplitBindings: Union Expedition (Don't buy these)

Maeve - Marketing

Daily Driver:

Deck: Burton Day TraderBindings: Burton LexaBoots: Burton Felix


Deck: Burton Anti-socialBindings: Burton Hitchhicker