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2021 Snowboards Sneak Peak

Yes, it’s August so definitely not prime time of the year to be discussing new snowboard gear. BUT all this content that’s been pumping out of Mount Hood and the Southern Hemisphere all summer is giving us an exciting sneak-peak at 2021 boards. If you’re an East Coast rider, you probably missed out on spring laps this season so seeing snowy and sunny Mount Hood hits extra hard this year, but is really getting the excitement going for the upcoming season. We’re hoping we can get you a little bit more stoked by previewing some of the boards companies have been and continue to be dropping heading into the fall. We saw some cool graphics at industry days back mid-winter, before the Coronavirus pandemic really switched things up, and now companies are starting to release products onto their social medias and websites. features an impressive amount of 2021 decks including Burton, Capita, Ride, Salomon, and more. Nitro hasn’t launched their 2021 boards on the site yet, but they can be found on evo or featured in some Zeb Powell content fresh out of Hood on a 203 Nitro Cannon. Anyway, we’ve compiled a list of some boards that have peaked our interest. Hopefully we, at NoseButtr, can either help to spark some joy for you or assist you in your research into finding your next deck.


*disclaimer: there’s no specific type of board or rider this list is created for, just a brief dive into number of decks for various terrains and riding-styles. The companies we’ve included in this list  are all featured on our website and included in the results of our gear match quiz.*




Family Tree Series

Burton’s ‘Family Tree’ series – a line known for being the Vermont-based company’s brain-child of creativity – undergoes a bit of a progressive change in identity this upcoming winter. In this line-up of creative boards, the gender binary will be dropped, thus expanding the size lineup and giving the ladies some fresh opportunities to shred some really sweet board designs that have only been offered in larger men’s sizes. Personally, as a 5’3 chick that rides in the low 140s, I’m really jazzed about this and having the chance to potentially get to ride some really cool snowboards. As well as dropping the gender binary, there are four brand new additions to the Family Tree lineup.burton family tree snowboard series 2021 Left to right there’s the Big Gulp, a big-nosed directional ride made for deep powder in the side-country; the Pow Wrench, described as the “only tool you need on a powder day” with its directional shape and significant taper to keep the nose riding high; the Sensei, a narrow Japanese-style pow board; and the Straight Chuter, a hard charging big-mountain ride inspired by the full-throttle style of Burton rider Danny Davis.

Kilroy Twin

Burton Kilroy Twin 2021

burton kilroy twin - best 2021 snowboard

Formerly seen in the Kilroy Custom and Kilroy Process a couple years back, Burton’s Kilroy Twin returns in its 2021 form after a super popular season last year. A twin tip, flexy ride, the Kilroy Twin is full-on made for jibbing. It’s also somewhat affordable in comparison to most Burton rides, at $400 retail. This board also comes in a range of sizes, helping out both the ladies and the groms – offered in 135, 145, 148, 152, 155, and 159. Soft and playful and a 10/10 in the park, this board focuses on strength, speed, and pop – and speaking from experience, I can vouch for all of the above, it’s a sick ride. Not to mention the simple graphics with a subtle flip of the bird in a salute to the late and great Jake Carpenter.



Nitro has yet to upload its 2021 lineup onto their website, but we’ve recently seen team riders on new boards across social media and on the Nitro account. Through industry days and social media we’ve gotten a little bit of a sneak peak into what they’ve got, of course including some upgrades on their sweet Quiver series. Of that lineup, what’s specifically caught our eye – of desire, not really logic – is their 2021 Cannon. What’s become a staple in their quiver series, the Cannon is a beast of a pow board, offered in 173 and 203 with a long nose and tapered swallowtail. The company describes the shape and camber to provide “the stability and float you need from steep groomers to untouched AK lines”, however if you’re X Games gold medalist Zeb Powell this deck can prove pretty useful in the park despite its 2/10 rating, per the Nitro site.

*photo credit to Mike Dawsy, found on @nitrousa Instagram



Capita also has yet to upload their 2021 boards on the website but they can be found through social media or simple google searches. A versatile board that’s caught my eye is their 2021 Paradise – a deck that’s designed to replicate Capita’s Outerspace Living series but more specifically designed for women. The Paradise is a true twin with camber underfoot and rocker nose and tail that offers both freestyle and freeride designs to create a stable, supportive, and poppy all-terrain ride. All those specs paired with a vibrant, yet not overly feminine graphic, Capita’s 2021 Paradise is a solid pick for any lady seeking a versatile, all mountain snowboard.



If you follow Jill Perkins on Instagram – if you don’t, you should – you’ve seen her tearing up the sunny west coast all summer. However, you may not have noticed the board she’s often riding. Arguably the sickest female rider in the game, and personally my favorite snowboarder, Jill has been ripping on Ride’s 2021 Back Talk, an “all new high-performance women’s freestyle shape.” Its asymmetrical twin shape improves edge control, while its base provides extra pop and control without adding stiffness. Offered in 138, 142, 146, and 150 this board seems to be an unreal freestyle ride for all the ladies that are looking to tear up the park. Clearly an exciting board, Ride has already sold out of their presumably limited pre-season run of these decks, but it can be found on the sites of other lead distributors, such as The