Our snowboard match quiz tells you what snowboard you should get based on your riding style and size. 

What snowboard should I get? This question sounds simple until you realize there are thousands of snowboards to choose from. Our snowboard match quiz helps you narrow down your search so you can find the best snowboard for you at the best price.

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How does the quiz know what snowboard you should get? 

I wrote an algorithm that uses your quiz answers to create a “rider profile”. I have also built a database of snowboards and all of their attributes or “snowboard profiles”. Once you submit your quiz answers, your rider profile is compared to every snowboard profile in our database and we provide you a list with the boards that match the closest to your rider profile at the top. The database currently contains all boards made by the following manufacturers: Burton, Rome, Nitro, Bataleon, Arbor, and Capita. I will be continuing to add more snowboard brands to the database.